Zolkiewski, Stanislaus

Stanislaus Zolkiewski Chancellor of Poland, born in Tuyrnka (Red Russia), 1547; died at Cecora, 6 Oct., 1620. He studied at Lemberg with great distinction, and it is said that he knew all Horace by heart. With his friend Zamoyski he fought under King Stephen Báthori in the wars against Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Both distinguished … Continue reading “Zolkiewski, Stanislaus”

Zoega, Jörgen

Jörgen Zoega (GEORGE). Archaeologist and numismatist, born at Daler near Tönder, near the west coast of northern Schleswig, 20 December, 1755; died in Rome, 10 February, 1809. His father, whose family came originally from Northern Italy, was Christian Zoega, Protestant pastor of Vilhad; his mother was Henriette Clausen. When a boy Jörgen was taught at … Continue reading “Zoega, Jörgen”


Zoara A titular see of Palestina Tertia. It is the ancient Bala or Segor, one of the five cities of the Pentapolis (Genesis 14:2, 8), which escaped the thunder and lightning for having sheltered Lot and his family (Genesis 19:22, 30). It is mentioned by Josephus (“Ant. Jud.”, XIII, xv, 4; “Bell. Jud.”, IV, viii, … Continue reading “Zoara”

Zita, Saint

St. Zita Model and heavenly patroness of domestic servants, born early in the thirteenth century of a poor family at Montsegradi, a little village near Lucca, in Tuscany; died at Lucca, 27 April, 1271. A naturally happy disposition and the teaching of a virtuous mother, aided by Divine grace, developed in the child’s soul that … Continue reading “Zita, Saint”


Zircz ZIRCENSIS or BOCCON. Cistercian abbey, situated in the Diocese of Veszprém, Hungary. The early history of the monastery is enveloped in much obscurity, as regards both names and dates, on account of its being so often referred to under both these titles. Whether Zircz and De Boccon were separate abbeys cannot now be definitely … Continue reading “Zircz”


Diocese of Zips (SZEPES; SCEPUSIENSIS). A diocese in Hungary, suffragan of Agria (Eger), founded by Maria Theresa in 1776, and composed of the exempt provostship of St. Martin, the date of foundation of which is unknown, but probably in the beginning of the thirteenth century. Besides the provostship, a collegiate chapter also existed at Zips. … Continue reading “Zips”


Zionites A sect of visionary fanatics which flourished in the eighteenth century at Ronsdorf in the Duchy of Berg, now part of the Prussian province of the Rhine. The sect sprang from a society founded at Elberfeld in 1726 by Elias Eller and the pastor Daniel Schleiermacher. Eller was the foreman of a factory owned … Continue reading “Zionites”


Zionists Zionists are followers of the movement to segregate the Jewish people as a nation and to give it a national home either in Palestine or elsewhere. Orthodox Judaism holds to a Zionism pure and simple, the return of the Jews to Palestine, the coming of the Messias, the overthrow of hostile powers by Him, … Continue reading “Zionists”

Zingerle, Pius

Pius Zingerle Celebrated Orientalist, born at Meran, in the Tyrol, 17 March, 1801; died at the Abbey of Marienberg near Meran, 10 January, 1881. After studying the Humanities at Meran, philosophy and two years of theology at Innsbruck, he joined the Benedictines at Marienberg in 1820, took vows, 20 October, 1822, and was ordained priest, … Continue reading “Zingerle, Pius”