Las mejores hamburguesas de la ciudad – Estudio bíblico

El cristiano debe vivir una vida ordenada. “Buscad primeramente el reino de Dios y su justicia” (Mateo 6:33). A medida que pasa el tiempo, estamos más convencidos de que el equilibrio es la clave para una vida exitosa para el Señor. El equilibrio es la clave para los ancianos, ya que cuidan que las consideraciones … Continue reading “Las mejores hamburguesas de la ciudad – Estudio bíblico”

A parte post

A parte post A phrase the literal meaning of which is, from the part after, referring to duration subsequent to a given event. — J.J.R. Fuente: The Dictionary of Philosophy

Œcolampadius, John

Œcolampadius, John Protestant theologian, organizer of Protestantism at Basle, b. at Weinsberg, Swabia, in 1482; d. at Basle, 24 November, 1531. His family name was Heusegen or Husegen, not Husschyn (Hausschein), as the hellenized form Œcolampadius was later rendered. Having received a preliminary classical training at Weinsberg and Heilbronn, he began the study of law … Continue reading “Œcolampadius, John”


Æsthetics Æsthetics may be defined as a systematic training to right thinking and right feeling in matters of art, and is made a part of philosophy by A.G. Baumgarten. Its domain, according to Wolff’s system, is that of indistinct presentations and the canons of sensuous taste (aisthetike techne, from aisthanesthai, to preceive and feel). It … Continue reading “Æsthetics”