Exploding Stars, and the Birth of the Universe – Bible study – Sermons and Biblical Studies

Exploding Stars, and the Birth of the Universe – Bible study

In rejoicing over new telescopes, and new techniques, some men of science have been delighted in seeing some things in distant space that heretofore have not been viewed – at least from that far away. One, recently, referred to the viewing of exploding stars, and thus “we have hope that we might have new information on the birth of the universe!”

Interesting, especially in seeing how one point would lead to the other. Granted, if stars explode, and if one saw a star explode, or if one viewed two stars collide or if one witnessed some huge explosion out in space, etc., how does that PROVE that this is the way the universe began? The fact is that there is no such proof, but that men who do not believe in God, and hence do not believe the Bible, must look elsewhere for an explanation of the existence of things. And, one need not, if in that vein, be too particular as to the theory that he embraces.

We well remember that when space exploration was in its infancy, some newscasters, in venturing all the benefits that could be realized, said that we might even “discover the origin of the universe!” To this good day, they’ve brought forth no evidence – well, a little moon dust and a few rocks – of anything remotely relating to origins! We have no fears that they will do so, either!