Finding Peace In The Storms Of Life – Bible study

During a terrible storm on the ocean, a small passenger ship rolled precariously in the roaring tempest. The furniture and anything else that could move was tied down, and the passengers were confined to their bunks for their own safety. Many on board thought the vessel was doomed. Finally, a passenger who was determined to … Continue reading “Finding Peace In The Storms Of Life – Bible study”

Reverencing God's Name – Bible study

In today’s digital world, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the abbreviated terminology that accompanies today’s fast-paced, youth-oriented electronic communication. For example, in the “Instant Messaging” (IM) world, the text-message language, “laughing out loud” becomes “lol.” The phrase, “By the way” becomes “btw.” And regrettably, some people are using “omg” for “Oh, my God!” … Continue reading “Reverencing God's Name – Bible study”

“Would Roses Cost A Lot, Mister?” – Bible study

The following bulletin article was written by Brother Morris Thurman, former preacher for the Memorial Road congregation, on June 26, 1977. Its a great human interest story about sacrifice that bears repeating today: Henry Penn, the Boston florist who originated the slogan, Say It With Flowers, told how one morning two boys and a girl … Continue reading ““Would Roses Cost A Lot, Mister?” – Bible study”