Into Temptation

David Lose Dear Working Preacher, In recent weeks we’ve been working together on helping our people take the biblical stories with them as they leave church, offering these stories as lenses by which to make sense of their lives in God’s world. This week offers an excellent chance to continue down this path. Rarely, in … Continue reading “Into Temptation”

Marklarkey II: Parabolic Tomfoolery from the Second Gospel

C. Clifton Black In a previous article, posted on this site last year while our normally alert editors nodded off, I proposed that the Second Evangelist may be the New Testament’s unsung comedian.  Exhibit A of my case was Mark 11:1-11, which in the other Gospels is Jesus’ triumphal entry to Jerusalem.  Mark sets up … Continue reading “Marklarkey II: Parabolic Tomfoolery from the Second Gospel”

Preaching That Flows

Jacob Myers “He who controls the pace, controls the victory.” Scrawled on a whiteboard in his office, we find Frank Campana’s training philosophy. Frank is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) coach of some renown for his unorthodox training methods. Rather than employing the typical cadre of cacophonous heavy metal or rap beats to train his … Continue reading “Preaching That Flows”

Texts in Conversation: Preaching and Meaning

Charlene Rachuy Cox I used to find it incredibly frustrating. The Sunday texts would be before me. I would diligently study them — analyze their historical context, tease out the challenges and possibilities within and between the texts, meticulously execute word studies, and while listening to the context of the community I served, seek to … Continue reading “Texts in Conversation: Preaching and Meaning”

Rhetorical Apps

Susan Hedahl Welcome to the Sermonic Rhetorical Apps Shop!  Why visit? Two of the most famous early preachers of the Church — Augustine in the West and Chrysostom in the East — preached sermons that used a wide array of effective rhetorical apps. Rhetoric is the study of persuasive speech techniques. For millennia rhetoricians have … Continue reading “Rhetorical Apps”