(May 24, 1819–January 22, 1901), Alexandrina Victoria was the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, 1837–1901, and the Empress of India, 1876–1901. Married to Prince Albert in 1840, she bore him nine children. She mourned the rest of her life after his death in 1861. She became immensely popular in her old age, being a symbol of Britain’s imperial greatness.

Upon her coronation at Westminster Abbey, June 28, 1837, three presents were given to her: the Sword of State, the Imperial Robe, and the Holy Bible. These words accompanied the Bible:

Our gracious Queen, we present you this Book, the most valuable thing the world affords. Here is wisdom; this is the royal law; these are the timely oracles of God. Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this Book; that keep and do the things contained in it. For these are the words of eternal life, able to make you wise unto salvation, and so happy forever more, through faith in Christ Jesus, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.2525

In commenting on the Bible, the Queen stated:

That book accounts for the supremacy of England.2526

In 1849, the Queen instructed the Earl of Chichester to write the African Chieftain, Sagbua, a letter which contained the words:

Commerce alone will not make a nation great and happy like England. England has become great and happy by the knowledge of the true God through Jesus Christ. In order to show how much the queen values God’s Word, she sends with this as a present a copy of the Word.2527

After hearing a sermon preached on the subject of the second coming of Christ, Queen Victoria stated:

I wish He would come during my lifetime so that I could take my crown and lay it at His feet.2528