Genesis 4

I. Introduction A. Recap of the events surrounding the Fall in Genesis 3 B. Transition to the narrative of Adam and Eve’s descendants, starting with Cain and Abel II. The Offering and Murder of Abel A. Verses 1-2: Birth of Cain and Abel, their respective occupations (tiller of the ground and keeper of sheep) B. … Continue reading “Genesis 4”

Genesis 3

I. Introduction A. Recap of the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 B. Transition to the events surrounding the Fall of humanity II. The Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve A. Verse 1: Introduction of the serpent, who questions God’s command to Adam and Eve B. Verses 2-3: Eve’s response to the … Continue reading “Genesis 3”

Genesis 2

I. Introduction A. Recap of the Creation account in Genesis 1 B. Transition to a more detailed focus on the creation of humanity II. The Creation of Adam and the Garden of Eden A. Verses 1-3: God completes His work of creation and rests on the seventh day B. Verse 4: The specific account of … Continue reading “Genesis 2”

Genesis 1

I. Introduction A. Background information B. Purpose and significance of the chapter II. The Creation of the World A. Verse 1: In the beginning, God creates the heavens and the earth B. Verse 2: The earth is formless and empty, covered in darkness C. Verses 3-5: God speaks light into existence and separates it from … Continue reading “Genesis 1”