In modern English, the appellation “Nimrod” has come to mean someone lacking judgement or intelligence. The one man named Nimrod in the Bible (Gn 10:8–12; Mi 5:6; 1 Chr 1:10) did not appear to be such an imbecile. Called a “mighty warrior” and a “mighty hunter before the LORD,” his kingdom was initially centered at Babylon, Erech, Akkad and Calneh (modern Nimrud).

Nimrod was a powerful man, an entrepreneur and leader of men. While his character and decisions were bad, even catastrophic, he was apparently one of the most formidable figures of his day. The historical Nimrod was a smart, clever guy, not a dummy. Yet the Hebrew name “Nimrod” meant “rebellious,” which fit his character and actions in the Bible. In the end, Nimrod’s rebellion and self-will produced a significant list of accomplishments. His going against God demonstrated a lack judgement. To be a Nimrod is, and always was, to lack judgement. So don’t be a Nimrod!


BSpade 14:3 (Summer 2001) p. 73