A Final Word To A Faithful People – Revelation 22:20 – Bible study

Revelation 22:20



Intro: Finality! It is not always a good thing! Did you ever hear your parents say, “That’s final!” When you heard that, you knew you had better get with the program, or be prepared to face the consequences. There was something in the tone of the voice that caused you to know that it was time to stop pushing their buttons and just button your lip. Sometimes, when you are trying to buy a car or some other item, the salesman may say, “That’s my final offer.” At that point, it’s either time to pay up, or it’s time to go somewhere else.

We all know what it means when something is final in nature. It’s done; it’s finished and nothing about can change. Well, the verse that I have read today is a verse that strikes a note of finality.

In this verse, we have the final promise of the Savior and the final prayer of a saint. There are only 16 words in this verse, but they teach a truth so majestic, that it will only be fully comprehended when the Lord Himself returns for His people.

I would like for us to take a few minutes to look into this verse together. As we do, I want you to think about the thought, “A Final Word To A Faithful People!” In this final promise of the Savior and this final prayer of the saint, we learn that the future of the saints is settled and that the fate of the sinner is sealed. Let’s notice what is final in this verse.



A. The Substance Of This Encouragement – “Come – This is a restatement of the glorious promise He made to His disciples the night before He went to the cross, John 14:1-3. What an encouragement to know that He hasn’t changed His mind!

B. The Source Of This Encouragement – “I – Jesus, the Heavenly Bridegroom Himself, is the One Who will return for His church! He will not allow another to have this honor. He personally paid the price to redeem His bride, Eph. 5:25; Rom. 5:8, and He will personally come and receive her unto Himself, 1 Thes. 4:13-18.

C. The Surety Of This Encouragement – “Surely – We have His final word in the matter and since He cannot lie, Heb. 6:18, we can count on Him to carry it out! He is well able, Rom. 4:21.


(Ill. March 11, 1942, on Corregidor, a sixty-two-year-old Army officer, with his family, secretly slipped away from the Philippines and in a minor miracle made their way down to Australia. Before General MacArthur left the islands, he said, “I will return.” Two-and-a-half years later, October 20, 1944, he stood again on the soil of the Philippines and said, “This is the voice of freedom. People of the Philippines, I have returned.”

Now if you think a man can have that kind of credibility, and if you can appreciate that quality in a man, I’ll tell you that Jesus Christ, the God-Man, has made the same promise far more credible than any human being will ever be. If you wrestle with the truth of Jesus’ return, wrestle no longer. If you accept the historic fact of His ascension, then you have no room to doubt His historic, yet future, return. It will occur.)

D. The Swiftness Of This Encouragement – “Quickly – This word does not refer to length of time. We all know that 2,000 years have already passed. This word means that when it takes place, it will happen swiftly, 1 Cor. 15:51-52. However, there is a sense in which this is a quick event time wise, 2 Pet. 3:8. Taken at face value, that just means that Jesus made this promise two days ago!



(Ill. Amen!” This is a heavenly word! A word that is known the whole world over. A word that is used over 180 times in the Bible. Jesus Himself used it 25 times in the book of John! In fact, Revelation 3:14 tells us that “Amen is one of the names of Jesus! It identifies Him as “the faithful and true witness.”

It is a word that was first used in the ancient Jewish synagogues and was passed down to the church. When it is said at the beginning of a sentence, it verifies the truth of what is about to be said. This was primarily how it was used by the Lord Jesus. When it is used at the end of a statement, it is used to claim as one’s own, the words and prayers of another. It is a word of agreement!

It is a word that has three primary meanings:

1. So be it and so it is – A Pledge of Allegiance

2. Let it be so – A Prayer of Anticipation

3. It is and shall be so – A Pronouncement of Agreement

When John utters his “Amen!” in this verse, he is saying a mouthful. Based on the meanings of this word, look at what John was saying!)

A. An Endorsement Of Divine Faithfulness – “So be it and so it is – He will come! – Ill. The scoffers may doubt Him, but it does not change the facts, 2 Pet. 3:3-9.

B. An Endorsement Of Divine Fulfillment – “Let it be so – John gives his Amen!” to the fact that this event will occur. None can stop it, Rev. 3:7. When He opens the door in Heaven and calls us up, none can stop us from going, Rev. 4:1.

C. An Endorsement Of Divine Fact – “It is and shall be so!” – The bottom line is this: Jesus is coming! Whether you are ready or not, Matt. 24:44.

(Ill. In northern Italy, a tourist found this beautiful picture of what it means to be expectant of Christ’s return. At the Villa Asconati, along the shore of Lake Como, he was introduced to a friendly older man who cared for the castle’s garden. The grounds were immaculate and the gardener was doing everything he could to further improve their beauty. To his surprise, the tourist discovered the owner of this castle had not been on the property in twelve years. He seemed confused by the man’s compulsion for perfection when the owner had not appeared in over a decade. So he said, “You keep this garden in such fine condition, just as though you expected your master to come tomorrow.” The gardener promptly replied, “Today, sir, today!” That groundskeeper had the expectancy that every believer should possess. Are you looking for his return tomorrow, or today?)



A. Excitement Over Leaving – John’s words express an excitement of heart over the return of the Lord. There is a heavenly pull in the heart of every saint of God, Phil. 1:23; Phil. 3:20; 1 Pet. 2:11. (Ill. The blessed hope of the believer – Titus 2:13) (Ill. George and I am ready!)

B. Excitement Over Looking – John’s words express an anticipation over Christ’s return – Isa. 25:9! (Ill. There is a lot to look forward to – 1 Cor. 2:9!)

C. Excitement Over The Lord – John’s words express a desire for the Lord Himself. After all, Jesus will be the Heaven of Heaven, 1 Thes. 4:16-17; 1 John 3:1-3. (Ill. What A Day That Will Be!” Ill. Job 19:25-27.)


Conc: Friend, if you are saved, Jesus is coming for you and “That’s Final! The question is, “are you watching and are you ready? If you are not saved, you need to be and you can be! Jesus came to this world; He died for your sins; He rose again from the dead and offers you salvation from your sins and from the flames of Hell. If you do not know Him, you can today.