What’s In A Name? – Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 1:21-25 – Bible study – Bible Study

What’s In A Name? – Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 1:21-25 – Bible study

Isaiah 9:6; Matthew 1:21-25



Intro: A name is the title by which one person is designated from another. It is a way for us to tell people, places and things apart. In our day, manes do not hold much significance. William Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. For us, names are just a way to tell thing apart.

It was not always this way. In Old Testament times, a name stood for a person’s “reputation, their fame and their glory.” Parents often gave children names that described the parent’s hopes and future expectations regarding that child. The word translated “name in the Old Testament literally means A mark or a brand.” People were given the names they were given for a reason. A study of Bible names often reveals much about the personality of the people mentioned in the Bible. For instance, David means “Beloved.” Abraham means “Father of a multitude.” Jacob means “Trickster.” Goliath means “Splendor.” All of these people proved true to their names!

In this message, I want to talk about a name we all know. I want to look at the name of the One mentioned in Matthew 1:21-23. There must be something special about the name Jesus. After all, it was a name given to Him by God the Father, Matt.1:21; Luke 1:31. The name Jesus is a name that has been exalted by the Father, Phil. 2:9-11. when that name is mentioned, men should bow before Him and confess Him as Lord. His name is a special name!

I want to preach for a while on the subject: What’s In A Name? I want to give you some biblical reasons why His name is a name above all others names. When we finish, I hope we will be able to understand some of the glory contained in that blessed, wonderful name.



(Emmanuel – God With Us)

A. Reveals A Supernatural Baby Not just another child, but God in human flesh, John 1:1, 14; Phil. 2:5-8.

B. Reveals A Supernatural Birth Not a normal birth, but a virgin birth, Isa. 7:14, which produced a child without a sin nature, 1 Pet. 2:22.

C. Reveals A Supernatural Battler Why would God enter this world? He came to fight a battle that humanity could never wage or win. He came to do battle with Satan and sin. (Ill. Eph. 6:10-18; 1 Sam. 17:47.)


(Jesus – Jehovah Is Salvation)

A. Speaks Of His Desire The name Jesus reveals a God with a desire to save sinners. We are told that Jesus came into this world not to condemn the lost, but to save them, John 3:16-18. This was not a new desire, but it was the heartbeat of God even before the world was formed, Rev. 13:8; 1 Pet. 1:18-20. God’s plan was conceived in eternity and consummated in time.

B. Speaks Of His Deliverance The name Jesus reminds us that He came into this world for the sole purpose of setting the captives free, Luke 4:18. He came for the redemption of the lost, Titus 2:14.

C. Speaks Of His Death The name Jesus reminds us of the fact that He came into this world to die for our sins. The only way the sin problem could have been dealt with is through the shedding of blood, Heb. 9:22. Jesus came that He might die on the cross to set us free from sin! (Ill. Gal. 1:4, “for us; Gal. 2:20, “for me.)



(Ill. His name shall be called… Note the word “name is singular and not plural. Not His “names, His name.” Jesus displays all the following characteristics at he same time.)

A. He Is The Supernatural One This word means Miracle, Supernatural, Secret and Extraordinary, Ill. Judges 13:18. He is the Miracle Man! Men cannot comprehend Him, but He can be believed on by the smallest child. He is wonderful!

B. He Is The Supervising One This word mans to advise, counsel, purpose, devise and plan. It refers to His role as the leader and guiding force of our lives. He is wonderfully qualified for this job. He is the Planner of the Path, Psa. 37:23; Job 23:10. He is the Giver of Grace, 2 Cor. 12:9. He is the Worker of Wonders, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17.

C. He Is The Sovereign One This word means Hero.” It refers to “one Who is strong, mighty and invincible.” He alone is worthy to be our Hero for He has defeated all our enemies, Ill. 1 Cor. 15:57; 2 Cor. 2:14. He alone is worthy of our worship.

D. He Is The Sustaining One As Father God is our producer or generator. In other words, He is our source! He created us through Adam and He recreated us through Jesus. As our Father, He sustains us by His mighty power, Luke 12:32; Matt. 6:25-34. We are His children; therefore, we are His responsibility.

He is “everlasting.” There was never a time when He was not and there will never be a time when He is not. He is the great “I AM.” He is the eternal, self-existent One! Our lives are directly tied to His; because He lives, we live!

E. He Is The Satisfying One The word peace refers to a state of happiness, well being and prosperity. The word “prince speaks of a captain, a steward and a keeper. He is the Creator and the Sustainer of our peace. He accomplished peace with God when He died on the cross, 1 John 2:2; Rom. 5:1. He extends His peace to all who receive Him by faith, John 14:27. He provides His peace to all those who trust Him in the valleys of life, Phil 4:6-7. He is the Keep of our peace and the guarantee of continued peace throughout eternity.


Conc: What’s in a name? If that name is Alan Carr, not very much. But, if the name is Jesus, everything is in that name! His name is the source of our salvation. His name is the hope of our hearts. His name can break sin’s bondage and cool the fevered brow. His name can lift the greatest burdens. His name can comfort the broken heart. His name is a name worth knowing, because is speaks of a Savior worth loving. His name is everything. His name unlocks the door of heaven and closes the gates of Hell. His name saves the vilest sinner; redeems the blackest soul; and secures the precious saints. His name may be Jesus, but that name cannot tell us all there is to know about Him. Listen to some of the names He wears in the pages of the Bible.






















First Begotten





Lamb of God

Seed of the Woman


Glory of the Lord


Shepherd and Bishop of our Souls

Alpha and Omega





God Blessed

Light of the world

Son of the Blessed

Apostle of our Profession

Good Shepherd

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Son of David

Arm of the Lord


Lord of All

Son of God

Author and Finisher of our Faith

Great High Priest

Lord of Glory

Son of the Highest

Author of Eternal Salvation

Head of the Church

Lord of Lords

Son of Man

Beginning of the Creation of God

Heir of all things

Lord our Righteousness

Son of Righteousness

Beloved Son

Holy Child

Man of Sorrows

True Light

Blessed and only Potentate

Holy One


True Vine


Holy One of God

Messenger of the Covenant


Bread of Life

Holy One of Israel



Captain of Salvation

Horn of Salvation

Mighty God


Chief Shepherd

I Am

Mighty One

Word of God

Christ of God

Image of God

Morning Star








Only Begotten Son




Our Passover



Jesus of Nazareth

Prince of Kings



Judge of Israel

Prince of Life



Just One

Prince of Peace


Desire of All Nations





King of the Ages



Elect of God

King of the Jews

Resurrection and Life


Everlasting Father

King of Kings



Faithful Witness

King of Saints

Root of David


First and Last


Rose of Sharon